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Our Recycling Depot Network

Our Recycling Depot Network

Located across the UK and Ireland are state of the art facilities to sort, process, bale and load recyclable material in preparation for manufacture at one of our chosen UK, European or Global reuse or recycling partners.

Our modern fleet of vehicles ensure materials are carried with care and consideration to ensure on time collections with minimal environmental impact.

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Our Total Waste Team

Our Total Waste Team

Build bespoke solutions with the strongest focus upon service, financial transparency, operational efficiency and environmental best practice.

With service coverage across the UK and Ireland, we can offer the very best of the waste & recycling broker model with the enhanced security of our depot network.

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Our Commodities Trading Team

Our Commodities Trading Team

Helping our customers release value from recyclable materials. We deal with all types of recyclable and can support operations by arranging collections ranging from single skips to part/full loads, mixed loads or even moffet collections.

Our commodities team trade materials across the globe to ensure we provide our customers with the very best value.

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Cradle to Cradle & Zero Waste Solutions

At Agnail, we strive to design the most effective management and operations solutions possible for the reuse and conversion of paper, card, plastics and organic waste.

  • Metal
  • Paper fibre
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Wood

Integrity &

We work with a range of UK & Irish businesses, helping them to manage their waste in a responsible, sustainable and cost-effective way.

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